About Baobab Films

The film medium can be so powerful and has huge potential to raise awareness, affect change and inspire transformation. This is the driving passion behind Baobab films.

Headed by Beccy Strong Baobab films specializes in making top end films through collaboration with highly talented and award winning professionals for charities NGO’s and ethical organisations.


Beccy’s work is wide ranging, and has covered serious current affairs and news, high profile celebrity lead appeal films (working with the likes of Billy Connolly and Julie Walters, Martin Freeman and David Attenborough), extreme sports, natural history, documentary music and entertainment.

Beccy’s  career has taken her all over the world as a camerawoman and soundrecordist filming and working with the BBC, Ch 4, Animal Planet, Discovery, and National Geographic. This work has been a rich personal journey , and has often brought her up close to some unique and incredible experiences. It was whilst embedded in an war torn hospital with Billy Connlolly filming for comic relief that the inspiration came to establish  Baobab films to offer this creative experience directly and affordably.

“Baobab worked with NCH on the production of Amy’s Story, an incredibly powerful film about one girls recovery from sexual abuse. …a tryly emotive piece which has helped to generate hundreds of thousands for our charity…Baobab has skills beyond those of your run of the mill production company, bringing unique energy, knowledge and expertise to each project…”

Luke Rogers Multymedia manager NCH, the children’s charity.