In Production

Shelter Me

We are really happy to be working with the  soup kitchen and drop in centre in Totnes with a photojournalism project and a short film to support their work and outreach.

Red Thread and Narcisis 

Two exciting and out of the box Music Video productions for the record label Huntress Records, breaking the mould of the sexualised female artist in the mainstream music video genre.

True Erotica

In collaboration with Defacto films. Exploring sex, sexuality, sensuality and womens true wild erotic nature.

In Development 

Super sex me, how Porn penetrates us all (working title)

A ground breaking and controversial look at  the porn and sex industry and its deep  impact on our psyche, our children and how we have sex.

Tide of Change (working title)

A rich visual and musical journey of inspiration and hope weaving a thread between the people who are standing up and changing our world  at this critical tipping point globally. A story of hope in a time of  fear.

If you are interested in offering financing for these important projects or contributing to the documentaries please get in touch.

Recent work

Run Wild

 A commissioned short film about wild running

The Guardian

Photojournalist for a feature article on Wild Running.

Marie Stopes International, China

Two films for the sexual health charity in China.

Marie Stopes international, UK

Two short films for the sexual health charity in the UK.

Comic relief funded film for the Theatre Royal Plymouth

Short film funded by Comic relief working with refugee women and asylum seekers in Plymouth to produce a collaborative film .

Testimonial films for the premature birth charity Tommy’s

Three Short films based on sensitive testimonials filmed with families who had experienced the trauma of miscarriage stillbirth and premature birth.

In Transition 2.0 for the Transition Network

Camerawoman and researcher for Green Lane Films. One hour film about the inspired work of communities globally in response to climate change and peak oil.

Radio Times

Photographer and writer. Commissioned feature about living with my three year old son whilst working on a BBC documentary with mountain gorillas in Rwanda.

Photojournalist for the Clinton/ Hunter foundation

On a fairtrade coffee womens initiative in Rwanda.

Music Videos

various artists

Rebecca Maze playing live at the Paralympics

Rebecca Maze playing live at the Olympics

Rebecca Maze music video fo the track Slo

Kagemusha Taiko headlining live at the 9th Taiko festival

Susi Roe playing live at Sunrise festival

Avalon Roots playing live at Sunrise festival

Mountain Gorilla three part series for the BBC

Sound recordist and Second unit camera working in Rwanda and Uganda over the course of a year on 3 x 1hours.

The Tsavo Story  for the Scheldrick Wildlife Trust

A film about the work of an inspiring conservation charity in Kenya working with elephants and communities.

News Feature for Ch4

News feature living  behind the picket lines of the extended and politically dramatic firestrike in the 90’s.

My Foetus a documentary for Ch 4

Camerawoman a 1-hour film challenging the status quo in the abortion debate, stirring headline attention in the major Weekend papers and stimulating discussion in Parliament.

Health Awareness training film Marie Stopes International

Working in a sexual health clinic in Kathmandu, Nepal

60 minutes a film for the NHS

Emotive training film for paramedics responding to heart attacks with drama reconstruction.

Amy’s Story  for National Children’s Homes

Sensitive and powerful testimonial film to raise awareness, working with a young woman who was sexually abused as a child.

Comic Relief Appeal films for the BBC

Numerous short films involving sensitive testimonial interviews

Comic Relief  for the BBC

Sound recordist/second unit camerawoman for a I hour special with Billy Connolly in Somaliland

Elephant Diaries for the BBC

Sound recordist for a 5 part series on conservation in Kenya.

Great Apes for The Discovery Channel


Wild Africa for National Geographic


Blue chip wildlife series.

Africa for the BBC


Blue chip wildlife series.

Born Different for National Geographic


A documentary exploring the science of mutation .

Wildlife of Provence for France 3

Camerawoman for 3 x 1 hour specials on snakes, lizards and insects.